CEX Bankruptcy Claims as NFTs

For you to mint, trade and loan with confidence.

Minting with Verification and Encryption

Know the NFT is safe and sound...
After a claim is verified, its encrypted evidence is accessible by the NFT owner and operator; it is to be verifiable by some parties (through a secure interface) wanting to trade or loan on the specific claim. Encrypted by the Lit Protocol and hosted on IPFS.

No trust in a centralized platform. No devaluation of claims due to the pooling of enforceable and non-enforceable claims in a fungible token.

Claims Trading and Loaning to be Decentralized

Get liquidity or get yield for lending...
The NFTs can be traded or loaned through smart contracts; CEX.Claims is working on offering P2P Lending and a P2P Marketplace supporting bankruptcy claims, crypto and fiat.

No liquidation until a repayment deadline. No limitation to margin trading with the borrowing.

Recovering from CEX Failures toward Real-World Advancements

The CEXs promised more economic freedom and a better future; instead we got 140 obstacles.Unlocking liquidity is just our beginning. Non-custodial finance and real-world assets could have such a real impact for economies and underserved people. We hope to have the opportunity to lay out a vision and expand with your support.

Let's recover together.

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